Enabling the adoption of biomaterials in demanding environments and applications to reduce embedded carbon emissions.


Cellexcel’s Cellexcellentâ„¢ technology works at a molecular level, going far beyond simple surface treatments or sealants. By delivering, and attaching, unique compounds to the cellulose molecule itself, essential performance properties, such as water resistance, can be measurably enhanced.

This ensures that, when biomaterials are employed in reinforcing a composite component, the part can be formed, by machining and drilling, without the fear of moisture ingress at the machined edges while abating moisture ingress in areas susceptible to surface damage.

Through its patented environmentally friendly treatment, which is free from petrochemicals or forever chemicals. Our Cellexcellentâ„¢ technology aims to replace conventional methods such as coatings that exhibit edge defects once cut. It is compatible with all cellulosic fibres.

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