Enabling the adoption of biomaterials in demanding environments and applications to reduce embedded carbon emissions.

Welcome to CellexcelInnovative technology for water resistant biocomposite materials

At Cellexcel we are technical leaders in the chemical modification of biomaterials. Our mission is to partner with customers, enabling them to produce more sustainable solutions in demanding environments and applications not typically associated with biomaterials. We work across the materials ecosystem, partnering with composite manufacturers, fabric treatment suppliers and OEMs/product manufacturers.

Cellexcel’s unique patented technology enhances the properties of biomaterials, enabling them to be integrated into a wide range of real world external applications, such as composite panels used in the automotive, truck, aerospace, construction materials and electronics industries.

The adoption of biomaterials in these sectors lowers the carbon footprint whilst maintaining weight reductions, without impacting form, fit and function over time. We therefore support companies across the value chain in lowering their manufacturing and operating emissions and meeting Net Zero targets.

Read on to find out more about our technology, how we can support your sustainability journey, our team, and our investors.

About Us

Cellexcel’s Cellexcellent™ technology works at a molecular level, going far beyond simple surface treatments or sealants. By delivering, and attaching, unique compounds to the cellulose molecule itself, essential performance properties, such as water resistance, can be measurably enhanced.

This ensures that, when biomaterials are employed in reinforcing a composite component, the part can be formed, by machining and drilling, without the fear of moisture ingress at the machined edges while abating moisture ingress in areas susceptible to surface damage.

Through its patented environmentally friendly treatment, which is free from petrochemicals or forever chemicals. Our Cellexcellent™ technology aims to replace conventional methods such as coatings that exhibit edge defects once cut. It is compatible with all cellulosic fibres.

Work With Us

Cellexcel is a customer-focussed business, dedicated to enabling its partners and their ecosystems to deliver next-generation natural fibre composites and biomaterials with enhanced properties.

We work across the value chain with:

  • OEMs/Product Manufacturers looking to successfully integrate biomaterials into their products, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, construction and electronics industries.
  • Composite manufacturers expanding their portfolio by adding biomaterials to the mix.
  • Fabric manufacturers/fabric treatment companies aiming to license new technology to improve the water resistance of their products.

Contact us for further detail and to discuss how we can help meet your needs.

About Us

Our mission is to enable biomaterials to be employed across a wide range of industries, so they can meet embedded sustainability goals, benefiting us all. Cellexcellent™, a unique, patented technology has been developed to bring about the molecular modification of biomaterials, to enable the enhancement of essential performance properties, starting with water resistance. Through this molecular modification, biomaterials become highly suitable for a vast array of new applications with low or zero embedded emissions.

Watch our video to learn more about how Cellexcellent™ works and the benefits it brings.

Since successfully closing our initial funding round we are working with industry partners from multiple sectors to commercialise and develop Cellexcellent™. This will enable us to target the global multi-billion dollar biocomposite market, licensing our technology to relevant partners across the value chain.

To learn more, read about our team, investors, and latest news.

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Meet The Cellexcel Team

Tim Pryce

Executive Chair

An experienced and proven Chair and Non-Executive Director with extensive manufacturing expertise gained in board leadership positions, across the aerospace, defence, rail and material processing technology sectors.

Prof. G Richard Stephenson

Chief Scientific Officer

Professor of Synthetic & Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of East Anglia and a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Steven Curtis

Chief Operating Officer

An industrial professional with over 30 years of experience in high-tech manufacturing, specialising in working directly with early stage startups to help them transition from concept to commercial product.

Dr Joita Dey


Dr Dey is a Non-Executive Director at Cellexcel since 2021. She is a Senior IP Manager and has worked for several years in developing innovation projects, delivering license deals and high growth ventures as a Director, Board Observer, and an Investment Executive of the ICENI Seed corn Fund and a Director of the ICENI Advisory Limited.

Christopher Cytera

Director of Strategy

An experienced technology business executive with a proven track record in customer, partner and investor management, new business development, market analysis & product strategy.

Dr Jack Andrew

Principal Technologist

An expert in cellulose modification and synthetic chemistry, he is responsible for scaling Cellexcel's technology to meet customer production and testing processes.

Dr Poonguzhali Ramadoss

Senior Technical Officer

An expert in techniques used to determine changes in materials as a result of treatment or aging, she has a PhD in the field of polymer chemistry from Thiruvalluvar University, India.

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